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What Our Clients Say About Working With Us

"I always enjoy working with Theron.  He is good company, as well as being a remarkable educator.  He demonstrates an excellent rapport with students and was able to amplify their stories and lift their final thesis projects.  He delivered a lecture, worked with students in one to ones and also held a debrief to consider what we had collectively learnt over the time we spent together.  This was carefully planned and beautifully delivered with great skill."

Karl Rouse
Karl Rouse, Associate Dean Themed entertainment Arts SCAD University

"I have had the pleasure of working with Theron and his team for the past three years. His level of commitment and the ‘above and beyond attitude’ is always inspiring. Theron leads by example and has an incredible amount of passion, dedication and attention to detail. From managing an entire fleet of cruise ships to providing feedback to an experience- he always has time for you and is friendly and caring. I hope I can continue working with him in the future"

Nick Gregory
Founder & Director Great Ape Games

"Theron was a thrill to work with. He approached my project with genuine care and passion. Throughout our work sessions, I literally went from a nervous wreck with a vague concept all the way to a confident entrepreneur with a clear understanding of why I was doing this and what I wanted the final outcome to look like. His support, guidance, and creative input has left me with a clear vision for my venue and a profound understanding of the specific elements that make a business run successfully. He is a mentor, a creative collaborator, and best of all, a friend."

Jeffrey B

"I come from a region where 'themed entertainment' is close to non-existent. Although I have created my own local immersive experiences, I still lacked the knowledge that would have enabled me to enter the industry. Theron has not only managed to embed my experience, skills and passion within the framework of themed entertainment, he also reorganized the holistic picture of how I see myself professionally and highlighted possible tailored paths towards a career in the industry. After our session, in addition to being a rather talented and experienced professional, I also see Theron as a very considerate and kind person. Whichever industry or region you are coming from, I encourage you to contact him, if you are looking for advice regarding the field."

András S
Freelance Designer

"Theron is a fantastic, dynamic, and responsive speaker. I had the pleasure of working with him as the Keynote for our in-person conference bringing together AV technologists, manufacturers, and higher ed leaders. He took the time to get to know us better to ensure that the experience met expectations, and it did. Many in the audience saw their roles at their organizations in an entirely new light thanks to his insights, including many on my team. He brought the creative role into focus for the technologists, and I heard from many who felt they were returning to their organizations with better insight into how to work with their customers and clients. My CIO and CTO were in attendance, and I’ve already been told one has created a reading list based on his keynote. Really, a fantastic experience."

Donald M
President Educational Technologies Collective ETC

"Theron Skees met with my Creative Team in November 2023. His skill in connecting with and addressing the creatives in a way that aligned with their unique perspectives was greatly appreciated. His statement about new projects evoking 50% fear and 50% excitement resonated deeply with the team, as did his insights on maintaining a healthy life/work balance. Supervising creatives poses challenges; Theron provided valuable ideas on infusing innovation and enjoyment into the creative process while respecting and adhering to budgetary constraints. His guidance on balancing fun and innovation within the confines of timelines and budgets was particularly insightful. We look forward to an opportunity to meet with Theron again. "

Christy R
Senior Creative Director of Communications at Grace Family Church

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