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How to Work in the Themed Entertainment Industry

So many people have asked me in my career, “how do I work in the themed entertainment industry?” I always respond that the industry is so large and with so many different facets that there’s definitely room for you! This course will take you through an overview of the industry as a whole and the processes and people that build amazing and memorable environments. I hope throughout this course you’ll find many different ways that your specialized talents can be used for dream-making.

How to Work in Themed Entertainment
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Episode 1:

"Using Story to Deliver Business Objectives"

The objective of this series is to represent some "core competencies" for professionals in the world of Themed Entertainment in a compact, high-powered format. In Episode 1, you'll learn:
  • Discover all of the "building blocks" necessary to create compelling stories in physical environments
  • Learn what criteria is crucial to determine from a client in order to create the story
  • Understand how to combine story/experience technology with the brand, audience and business goals to deliver amazing results
How to Work in Themed Entertainment
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Professional Coaching

Christopher Bradley

Chris Listenfelt

Future Imagineer

“Meeting with Theron during his studio time is an incredible opportunity to learn from an expert in the industry. I found his knowledge and career advice invaluable and I appreciated his honesty. The great stories he told about working in the themed entertainment industry were an inspiration. Taking the time to meet with Theron will leave you equipped with important tools to continue on your career path.”

Anthony Weiler

Anthony Weiler

President - Stratos Innovation Group

“Theron really listened closely to the needs and questions I had. He genuinely wanted to help. He painted a clear vision of a path into the industry and covered a lot of relevant topics in a short period of time. Theron was very personable and of course knowledgeable. I was happy to see that he put more time and energy into our conversation than I expected. I bet he can help you too.” 

Paul Mealy

András Szüts

Freelance Designer

"I come from a region where 'themed entertainment' is close to non-existent. Although I have created my own local immersive experiences, I still lacked the knowledge that would have enabled me to enter the industry. Theron has not only managed to embed my experience, skills and passion within the framework of themed entertainment, he also reorganized the holistic picture of how I see myself professionally and highlighted possible tailored paths towards a career in the industry. After our session, in addition to being a rather talented and experienced professional, I also see Theron as a very considerate and kind person. Whichever industry or region you are coming from, I encourage you to contact him, if you are looking for advice regarding the field."

Paul Mealy

Jeffery Baker


"Theron was a thrill to work with. He approached my project with genuine care and passion. Throughout our work sessions, I literally went from a nervous wreck with a vague concept all the way to a confident entrepreneur with a clear understanding of why I was doing this and what I wanted the final outcome to look like. His support, guidance, and creative input has left me with a clear vision for my venue and a profound understanding of the specific elements that make a business run successfully. He is a mentor, a creative collaborator, and best of all, a friend."