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How Does Disney Do That?

Theron is the main contributor for the new book being written by James Warda that explores how Disney makes us feel and why that's so important. Its a conversation between a Disney theme park fan and a former Imagineer being published by Rivershore Press to be released Spring 2024.

Purpose & Profit Podcast

episode #5

Dave Raley and Carly Berna discuss the power of creativity in business by reviewing the creation of experiences based on a brand's story and how that makes powerful, emotional connections with audiences.

Artrageous with Nate

Nate Heck, eleven time Emmy Award winning series host explores Theron's career as an Imagineer and creative leader. 

Imagination Skyway Podcast

Matthew Krul interviews Theron about his creative leadership at Imagineering during the Disney Springs and Disney Cruise Line projects as well as discussions about  Disney story telling.

WDW Radio Podcast 

Named top 40 Social Media Influencers and featured in numerous legacy media, host Lou Mongello discusses Theron's Imagineering career around the world and how to apply these lessons to our daily life.

Come Rain or Shine Podcast

Disney veteran and host, Dan Cockerell interviews Theron about how to blend storytelling and creative design to "Make an emotional connection to your audience".

The Remarkable Project

In this episode of The Remarkable Project Theron discusses how we can draw upon some of the approaches used to successfully plan, design and deliver physical environments, to help our brand or business build experiences which will be memorable, regardless of the form they take.¬† He also makes a case for getting under the skin of clients, talks shareable storytelling and explains the importance of making ‚Äėwhy‚Äô central to a narrative.

Bippity Boppity Business Podcast

Host Rita Richa explores "How to create a brand people will love" with Theron, combining storytelling and business as inspired by Disney. 

USC Annenburg Media

For the new Themed Entertainment major offered by USC, Theron's definition of Themed Entertainment is being used as the basis for the course work.

Disney Parks Podcast

In this podcast, Theron reveals the secrets behind the creation of The Ganachery at Disney Springs.

Obsessed Show

Host Josh Miles assembled a panel of industry leaders and educators to discuss "The Future of Themed Entertainment". Adaptation, communication and having a mind-set of constantly learning were key topics.

New Experiences Coming to the Disney Wonder

In 2016, The Disney Wonder underwent the most extensive dry dock in Disney Cruise Line history and represented the highest investment for a refurbishment in cruise line industry. Theron provides a sneak peek into what is in store for guests.

Inside The Magic

In 2015, Theron interviewed with Inside The Magic to provide additional information and updates on the Disney Springs project which was three years into design and construction. 

ABC News

This 2015 online article features Theron and Joe Rohde discussing how Disney Imagineers Reveal the Secrets to Creating Memorable Rides.

Portal Cruise and Travel 

Telling stories through immersive experiences on the Disney Cruise Line, in 2017, Theron's interview focuses on the work for Disney's new ships as well as the on-going dry docks for the existing fleet.

Onboard Review

Theron gives an interview in 2017 about the re-imagining of the Disney Wonder. He showcases how this project touches nearly every space in the ship from dining, to children's programming as well as adding a brand new stage show. 

Travel Weekly

In 2016, the transformation of Downtown Disney into Disney Springs was complete and in this interview, Theron discusses the history and process of this monumental project.

WDW Magic

Theron introduces the Disney Springs project in 2014 with early visioning, backstory and some great CGI video walkthroughs.

Disney Parks

The Disney Wonder underwent the largest dry dock rehabilitation in maritime history at the time. Theron and the Imagineering team review the sizable re-imagining of many spaces on board.

The DCL Dude Podcast

Theron talks about his time as the Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Vice President overseeing the Disney Cruise Line where he led an international team of creatives, designers and ship builders to bring the Triton Class of ships to life.