Dynamic Team Collaboration

Case Study
Theron Skees

Breaking Down Silos, Empowering Teams

Superfly X Productions, like many companies in the world, is de-centralized with team members distributed throughout the US. They requested The Designer's Creative Studio to empower them with improvements in communication and processes and to build trust between the variety of experts in their organization. 

Our Impact

  • Aligned the team of diverse experts with the core belief and practice of their brand as well as their industry
  • Educated regarding the best practices of leadership, communications and team empowerment 
  • Empowered processes that would offer efficiency, team engagement and ultimately job satisfaction, retention and profitability

What Our Client Said:

"Theron joined our leadership offsite to facilitate a workshop on dynamic team collaboration, reinforcing the critical need for meaningful cross function communication and team work. The workshop resonated with our team and sparked a productive dialogue, one that has extended beyond the offsite as the team works to apply these important skills to their day to day."

- Stacy Moscatelli, CEO Superfly X Productions

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