Destination Experience Design

Case Study
Theron Skees

Theme Parks

From early strategic programming, land use evaluations and masterplanning to full story and concept development, exploring the creation of themed worlds in Europe and throughout Saudi Arabia.

Story Designed Urban Worlds

Conceptually design whole sections of urban giga projects from luxury residential communities to story-driven, gamified urban centers that include distributed programming, masterplan layouts, thematic architectural design and deep narrative development. 

The Future of Sports Competition

Creating the competition of the next millennium from the development of immersive team gaming to the training centers they require and the stadiums that house them all integrated into a giga city development.

Our Impact

  • Senior creative project leadership support
  • Narrative, concept and experience co-creation
  • Global resource planning and management
  • Strategic pre-concept development
  • Presentation development and project representation to master client
  • Provide expertise for wide variety of project types
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