Immersive  Story Adventures

Case Study
Theron Skees

Concept and Design Development

The Designer's Creative Studio partnered with The Rooms Laboratories in the development of their first US based destination. This collaboration involved deep overall story creation, development of the concept and detailed design phases and a complete pitch deck all while coordinating with the client and their local consultants. The goal was to support this effort with process development, creative and design expertise for the development of a "best in class" destination experience.

Our Impact

  • Leverage expertise to implement¬†"best practice"¬†project¬†processes
  • Collaborate on the narrative experience design from pre-concept to finish design package
  • Coordinate between¬†the main client, their consultants and the design team to¬†ensure consistent concept adoption

What Our Client Said:

"I have the pleasure to work with Theron on an immersive experience. He is an extremely quick thinker, wonderfully creative and such a great guy to work with. It is rare to find someone that creative with who you can bounce ideas back and forth to find solutions extremely fast. His level of professionalism is extraordinary but on the same time it feels like talking to a buddy who you know for 20+ years. I am looking forward to hopefully many projects we are working on together in future."

- Chris Lattner, CEO/Creative Director The Rooms Laboratories

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